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 Daily Prompts

Daily prompts are organized with 10 words per column and 3 columns per line so you have 3 month's worth of words for each line on this page! You can also print out a daily prompts page in PDF format designed to print on business cards with 30 words per page. Printing on perforated business cards makes it easy to choose one word per day or to use them for word tickets in writing groups. 

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These need to be put into columns - 30 words per column for 3 months worth per line.
June 10 (Wed)          chillies
June 9 (Tue)               gentle
June 8 (Mon)             tyrant
June 7 (Sun)               half wit
June 6 (Sat)                 haunt
June 5 (Fri)                 revenge
June 4 (Thu)              forgive
June 3 (Wed)             figure
June 2 (Tue)              excuses
June 1 (Mon)            leapfrog


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