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  Primary Keywords: better sleep


If you want to enjoy better sleep there are several things you can do without resorting to prescription drugs. The key to better sleep is first and foremost a balanced combination of physical, environmental, and psychological elements. Even if you sleep fairly well and think you sleep well enough, there is a sure-fire bet you can sleep even better with a simple balance check and perhaps a few simple adjustments to your life.


Stress, anxiety and depression are the most common psychological causes of poor sleeping. Though many factors contribute to these conditions, relaxation techniques go a long way in easing them all. Meditation is a very popular form of relaxation. It empties the mind and allows us to let go of the things that cause us the most worry and the greatest stress. 


There are many environmental factors that may seem insignificant but actually have a big impact on our ability to sleep. For example, sleeping in a darkened room and without noise distractions will help induce better sleep. Some people claim that light does not interfere with their quality of sleep. However, darkness helps produce melatonin in the brain, the hormone that tells the brain to sleep. Keeping your bed sheets clean will also provide you with a better night’s sleep. Temperature is also a factor – studies show that when we sleep in a room that is around 64 degrees, we sleep better.


It will come as no surprise to hear that diet and exercise are important factors that affect our ability to get better sleep. When our bodies are physically tired, our minds are more willing to give in and sleep. Exercise also helps release chemicals in the body that help it to sleep better. A diet full of sugars, caffeine and high fat content will render the body restless and resistant to sleep. We can counter these problems, however, with herbal supplements to a healthy diet. Herbal supplements help replenish the body’s nutritional requirements thereby encouraging it to enjoy better sleep on a regular basis. Chamomile and lavender are common herbs that help induce relaxation and better sleep.

It is important to take these measures to ensure better sleep habits because if you allow periodic insomnia to disrupt your life, you will be inviting other, more serious ailments into your system. Even if you only suffer from periodic insomnia, you should take care to maintain balance in the physical, environmental and psychological realms of your life and discover the benefits of even better sleep!


Keywords: Better sleep

Word count: 421


3.  Keywords: Ninja swords

Subheading: difference between ninja swords and Samurai swords


There are many differences between Ninja swords and Japanese Samurai swords. Both are very popular even today, and both have captured the fascination and imagination of true sword collectors and people with a mere passing interest alike. Ninja swords and Japanese Samurai swords are both weapo9ns that represent a whole culture and their philosophy, but the ideals that surrounded each group were vastly different.


The Samurai were the elite warriors of ancient feudal Japan. They were highly respected by the community as a whole. They were very close to the royalty they served. They represented honor, loyalty, respect, duty, pride, and religious virtues.


The Ninja, on the other hand, were feared much more than they were revered. While the Samurai proudly displayed their swords, complete with intricate and ornate identifying insignia, the Ninja considered their swords as purely practical. Therefore, Ninja swords were much cheaper and were designed for whatever unique needs their secretive missions required of them. The Ninja did not treat their swords as revered valuables; rather they considered them to be useful and disposable. Modern Ninja swords are much more carefully crafted than the original Ninja swords of ancient times. Today’s Ninja swords are designed with an attitude of honor and respect that simple did not exist among the true Ninja from long ago.


As the Ninja were perfectionists in imitation and deception, their swords were also made to look like Samurai swords at first glance, but once whipped out of their sheath, the deception was revealed. For starters, Ninja swords were shorter than Samurai swords. This is because the Ninja had to be able to use them in more awkward places and with their bodies contorted into odd positions as they perched on ceiling rafters or clung to rock walls, the sides of buildings, or in the wild vegetation in their environment.  A longer blade would be much more of an obstacle in such circumstances.


Secondly, the Ninja swords was simple and crude. Its purpose was to attack and defend as the Ninja was on the run and slipping into hiding. Beca7se of the elusive style of Ninja fighting and the qui8ck movements required of them, they would easily drop or discard their weapons and run if the situation required that. Therefore, they had to be able to q2uickly and cheaply replace their weapons before their next venture.


Generally speaking, we can say that Samurai swords were elegant and prestigious while the Ninja swords were practical, crude, and fiercely mean.


Keywords: Ninja swords

Subheading: difference between ninja swords and Samurai swords

Word count: 414