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Writing the “How To…” Article


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In this section, entice and inspire your reader to try out your advice and suggestions. Tell readers why they want to do what you will be teaching them; what they will gain, etc. This is similar to the attention-getter in an article – a question is a good standard for this. For example, “have you ever wondered how to …?” Then proceed to give your reader the gumption to read on. For example, “Well, in this article, not only will you learn how to..., but you will learn how to do it more efficiently as well, freeing you up to…!”



What you will need


You may not always need any supplies, so this section is dependent on the content of your article. You could include intangible things here, however, such as “a good attitude; 15 minutes a day; a desire to…” etc.



Steps and Instructions

For easy reading, it is best to bullet or number the steps. Be sure to leave a space between each step and to clearly identify the steps. You could do this by simply having headings that say, “Step One” and “Step Two” and so on. You could also have headings that give key words related to what is to be done in each step. No matter how you set your steps apart, just be sure that they are clearly identifiable so that readers can quickly skim for the pertinent information they need.




Unlike most types of writing, you don’t really need a conclusion to the “How To…” article. However, if you feel your article is left hanging without one, by all means, add a sentence or two – not any more! Something like “There, you’ve done it!” would suffice. You could also give suggestions as to what to do now that such and such has been completed. This would be a good place to direct your readers to another article you have written about something that is related to this one.